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DISCLAIMER: I am not am employee of nor did ask that I write a review. I am merely a very satisfied customer.

I recently quit my day job to work full-time as an independent contractor. One of the hurdles of going alone is purchasing insurance for a business. I am required to carry Commercial Liability insurance and Professional Liability insurance including Errors and Omissions (often abbreviated as “E&O”).

I started with the insurance company that I use for my home and auto. The application was long and confusing. After I submitted it, I had to wait 6 business days to hear the bad news. They were unable to cover me. I must have answered some of the questions incorrectly. I recently moved and have not found a local agent. Therefore, it was difficult to ask my agent questions regarding the application. I am mostly to blame for that.

I now had 2 weeks to scramble and find insurance prior to the start date of my new contract. I immediately setup meetings with two local agents. I feared that the underwriting process would take too long and I would not be insured by the start date.

I learned about from a fellow contractor less than one week prior to my start date. I had not heard back from either of the two local agents so I was really stressed and worried.

I filled out the online application form that night. It was straightforward and easy to understand. Their website says that they are often able to give real-time quotes. However, they were not able to for me. The following morning, I received an email with quotes from several reputable insurance companies. I was also assigned a licensed agent to work with me through the process.

The quotes given to me from were effective immediately. No more waiting 6-8 business days for underwriting. I was relieved to know that I would have insurance for my first day. Not only that, the quotes were good rates. The E&O insurance is half what a fellow contractor is paying. However, one of the local agents had a lower quote on the Commercial Liability. I mix and matched the plans and came out with a great annual premium for all of the insurance required.

I am very impressed with The assigned agent, the quick quote process, and the easy purchase experience is what made it great. I would highly recommend them to any professional that needs commercial and professional liability insurance.

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