Green Moon Software, LLC

Robert has been a professional software developer since 2001. He has worked in the security, education, telematics, payment, and insurance industries. He has an solid background in Java, C#, and groovy. In addition, he has been leveraging TDD, continuous integration, and XP (eXtreme Programming) methods to deliver quality software. He enjoys teaching and mentoring fellow software developers.

Robert is currently an independent software consultant at working for Berkley Technology Services. In his current role, Robert is helping teach test-driven development to a team of C#/Angular developers.

As an independent software contractor at ADT, Robert helped ADT create a new software development division. He, along with other team members, built an elastically-scalable and fault-tolerate software platform built deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an independent software contractor at GuideOne Insurance, Robert helped to build a team to introduce iterative development and XP practices . These practices include pair programming, test-driven development, and daily stand-ups.

As an employee at Dwolla, Robert worked on the full stack. As a team, Dwolla’s software engineers have strived to reduce technical debt and production bug incidents all while adding additional features.

As an employee at ACT, Robert was the tech lead on many projects. The largest project was a custom order fulfillment workflow application. This project included integrating with many legacy systems into a single, cohesive, high-performing application. This application helped reduce ACT’s order fulfillment time from and average of 15-25 business days down to an average of three to five.

In his free time, Robert enjoys working on personal side projects. These side projects allow him to explore areas and technologies that his work duties limit. He has incorporated several ideas garnered from these projects into his work projects.

When not sitting in front of a computer, Robert likes to bike, hike and play board games with his wife and three children.